<!-- TITLE: Singapore Access Federation (SGAF) --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A SAML 2.0 Federated Identity Management System for Singapore's R&E community--> ![Singaren Logo Transparency Small](/uploads/images/singaren-logo-transparency-small.png "Singaren Logo Transparency Small"){.pagelogo} # Local Entity Requirements to Join the SGAF ## General Requirements * Member of SingAREN * Acceptance of the Singapore Access Federation Rules ## Service Provider (SP) Requirements * SAML2.0 compatible Service Provider such as Shibboleth SP ## Identity Provider (IdP) Requirements >* SAML 2.0 compatible Identity Provider such as ADFS, Shibboleth IdP, etc or a directory service such as AD, LDAP, etc >* Provide at minimum, the following core attributes > * **displayName** (oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.241) > * **email** (oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3) > * **eduPersonPrincipalName** (oid: > * **eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation** (oid: > * **eduPersonAffiliation** (oid: > * **eduPersonTargetedID** (oid: > * **organizationName** (oid: > **Note:** If your institution only has a **directory service**, a SAML2.0 IdP needs to be installed and connected to the directory service before connecting to the SGAF. Please follow the Shibboleth IdPv3 Installer by AAF Guide. {.is-warning} # SGAF Metadata The **SGAF Metadata** is an important part of the SAML Federation. In essence, it is a directory of registered, trusted and approved entities within the SGAF, allowing only Identity Providers (IdP) and Service Providers (SP) found within the metadata to communicate with each other. The **SGAF Metadata Registration Practice Statement (MRPS)** describes the metadata management process conducted by the SGAF Federation Operator. The **SGAF SAML Web Single Sign-On Technology Profile** defines a standard that enables Identity Providers and Relying Parties to create and use Web Single Sign-On services with SAML. ## Metadata Repository [SGAF Metadata Sources](https://ds.sgaf.org.sg/) ## Metadata Documents * [SGAF Metadata Registration Practice Statement](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SingAREN/SGAF/master/policy-documents/SGAF-MRPS.pdf) * [SGAF SAML Web Single Sign-On Technology Profile](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SingAREN/SGAF/master/policy-documents/SGAF-SAML-Web-SSO-Technology-Profile.pdf) # Connecting to the SGAF * [Connect An Identity Provider To The SGAF](/singapore-access-federation/connect-an-identity-provider-to-the-sgaf) * [Connect A Service Provider To The SGAF](/singapore-access-federation/connect-a-service-provider-to-the-sgaf) # Entity Installation ## Identity Provder * [Shibboleth IdP 3](/singapore-access-federation/identity-provider-installation-shibboleth) ## Service Provider * [Shibboleth SP 3](/singapore-access-federation/service-provider-installation-shibboleth) * [SimpleSAMLphp](/singapore-access-federation/service-provider-installation-simplesamlphp) # Contact Please contact technical-support@singaren.net.sg if you are experiencing any technical issues related to the SGAF.